Low Cost Conservatory & Outdoor rooms – The Freshest Way to Grow Your Home

Many of us are facing economic hurdles that prevent us from building or purchasing larger homes. Our current properties no longer seem to meet the functional needs of our families and ourselves. But, we needn’t feel trapped without remedy.

Here in Southern California, and much of the West, we are blessed with a climate that practically begs us to live outdoors. So I invite you to consider expanding your home’s capacity from the inside out. With thoughtfulness and planning, you could be living in a home you never dreamed possible until now.

Increase your Functional Square Footage by Going Outdoors

Many of the tasks we typically label “inside” jobs can be just as comfortably performed outside. The outdoor kitchen theme has been explored thoroughly in the past five to ten years. Outdoor beds have gained in popularity by many an ardent napper. But have you thought about how wonderful it would be to have an outdoor office? How about a sewing room? For cigar enthusiasts, an outdoor smoking room is a no-brainer.

Think about the way you currently use your home, and about the spaces you feel lacking. Honestly weigh which of those activities must absolutely be carried on in the shelter of your climate-controlled roof. Then think about creating an outdoor room or two for those occupations that could do with a little sunshine.

There are so many benefits to making better use of your outdoor space. Here are just a few:

  • It is far less expensive to create outdoor rooms than to add onto the structure of a house.
  • Outdoor rooms are more easily adaptable to your family’s changing lifestyle needs.
  • You and your family will benefit from receiving more fresh air and sunlight, and will experience a greater appreciation for your area’s natural environment.
  • Using green walls to enclose your rooms can often screen from sight a not-so-lovely view, and act as a natural sound dampener from street and neighborhood noise.
  • Even a relatively small lot can yield tremendous room-creating potential.

Bring the Indoors Out

Low Cost ConservatoryAs you explore the concept of adding fresh-air rooms to your home, you will probably see that many household activities can be conducted equally well indoors and out. This will guide you in the placement aspect of your garden room plan. For example, when preparing a meal much of the prep work can be done indoors, and the cooking and finish work out.

When planning a dual cooking space, you would want to place them in symbiotic relationship to one another. The same could besaid for the placement of an outdoor shower, ensuring that an indoor changing room or bathroom facility be close at hand.

Draw from the decorative elements of the interior of your home to establish the design of your outdoor rooms. If you have a modern interior, you will want a more streamlined look in your layout and planting scheme. A flowery, casual interior might call for more of a cottage feel. Also keep your outdoor color choices to those that complement the pallet used inside your home. In this way, you are blurring the dividing lines between hard and soft-walled rooms, and your home will have greater command of the property all the way to the boundary lines.

Bring the Outdoors In

It goes without saying that rooms overlooking a beautiful view are more compelling than ones that are not so fortunate. Not only does the light expand a room visually, but a well-framed view creates a ceiling-less focal point for the interior’s furnishings. Nature and the animation of wildlife and water visually reach in and touch the viewer with surprise.

The placement of plants, indoor water features, and other “typicals” of your locale can additionally serve to connect the outside-in.

Outgrowing a home can present many frustrations, but when addressed with resourcefulness, whimsy, and a downright breezy ingenuity, those frustrations may be the birth pains of a greener inclination to your dwelling and those you share it with. Living bigger never felt so good.

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