Energy-efficient replacement Composite Front Doors.

Apart from the look, one of the priorities for any house is security. A great looking front door will set the standard for the whole property.

Not only are fully fitted front doors supplied attractive and highly secure, UPVC front doors are reported to be up to 4 times better at being energy efficient than wooden doors.

Composite Front Entrance DoorsAvailable in an almost endless variety of colours & designs, uPVC front doors, are exceptionally functional, last a long time and keep their good looks. They can be modified to include top or side panels so that it allows them to suit any home.

The incorporation of multi-point locks & anti-lift tracks provide an almost unmatched level of durability, helping to keep your property fully secure. Bumping, picking and lock snapping are common methods used by unwanted visitors to break in through standard cylinder locks.

Modern uPVC doors fit mortise locks, Detainer hooks, Shoot-pins, Rollers, Mushroom Hooks & Deadbolts which are designed to defeat these methods of entry.

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For many home owners, the initial cost of a composite product is equivalent to the cost of a wooden product. In the long run, their long life span and the low cost of ongoing maintenance on them make them an excellent choice for people who want stylish, long term, and low maintenance doors.

For people who have been unsatisfied with a wooden door, it is easy to use a door designer tool to see the best way to replace their door with a more durable composite one. See for more info & free online quotes from accredited installers


Are Composite Front Entrance Doors Worth the Cost?